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Dr Martens Shoes


Each pair of Dr Martens shoes and boots have the trademark air cushioned shoes and are oil, fat, acid petrol and alkali resistant.


Now in 2016 and beyond, their shoes have remained a firm favourite for the Independent Spirit. Whether you buy the shoes or the boots, both can be tailored to your individual style and attitude. 5 decades on from launch and they are still at the height of fashion and is a statement for any free-spirited individual.

The highlights of our range include the 1460, 1461, core & Chelsea models, and much more - we get new styles in weekly, so be sure to check back. 


With their origins dating back to the 1950s, the original idea for their Airwair air cushioned sole came from a skiing accident! Dr Klaus Maertens invented the soles when trying to find something to wear which would not aggravate his old skiing injury. 

The patent for the invention was bought by a Northampton shoemaker Bill Griggs - who also dropped the 'e' from Maertens to make the name more English sounding.

The first product, the Core Boot was then designed which gave the wearer comfort for everyday use.

Upon launch in the UK, the brand were originally known for their reliability, and sold primarily to the working classes. Since then Docs or DMs as they can be known have been embraced by many of the fashionable youth groups; skinheads, rockers, goths, Britpop.



A Selection of our Spring/Summer Styles