Our Commitment

At Shoes International we are commited to making our website as accessible as is possible within the frame work that the site has been developed in.

We want the broadest possible spectrum of customers to be able to access all areas of our site regardless of the technology or ability of the user.

We remain open to suggestions and advice regarding improving the accessibility of our website.

Our Efforts

All our images make use of alternative text (alt tags) to ensure their purpose is evident to those unable to see them.

You can easily increase or decrease the size of the text on our site using your browser.

We endeavour to obtain high resolution images of our products to enable zooming in to see the product in finer detail.


We are aware that not all of the pages in our site will comply with current W3C and WAI guidelines. Unfortunately some of the more advanced functionality of the site requires features which are not taken account of within these guidelines. However we are not aware of any particular features on our site which will prevent a broad spectrum of people acessing the site.

Contact / Further Information

If you are concerned about the accessibility of any aspects of our site please email us via our address with the subject title of Accessibility.