Adventure Time - Characters

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For those not in the know, Adventure Time is a great TV show set over 1000 years in the future. Set in theLandofOoo, it follows the adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, along with their colourful set of friends

So who are the denizens of Ooo? Let us take you through a brief introduction into this crazy and surreal world…



Originally a 12 year old boy (he ages with time), Finn loves adventure and doing good deeds. He takes his role as a hero seriously and as his life’s calling, but is also hyperactive and impulsive (once jumping into a volcano for fun) and runs away from unpleasant memories by simply removing them from his awareness and putting them in a vault, where they can’t bother him.

He is an expert with swords, and has some strange powers, including astral projection and the summoning of an astral beast, and as well as best friend Jake, is also friends with the human/bubblegum hybrid(!) Princess Bubblegum and a sentient video game console, BMO, and allied to the immortal Vampire Queen Marceline (although he’s scared of her – because she’s an immortal vampire queen).



Finn’s friend and foster-brother, Jake the Dog is a shape- and size-shifting bulldog who acts as Finn’s protector and big-brother figure, though he can sometimes act in a borderline sociopathic manner. Jake occasionally, but rarely, actually acts like a dog.

A talented cook, Jake also has super-strength and is laid-back whereas Finn is hot-headed. Jake was not born, but grew from a lump on another character’s head after he had been bitten by a monster!

Jake has a girlfriend in the form of Lady Rainicorn, a rainbow/unicorn hybrid with whom he has a small family!



A hybrid of human and bubblegum DNA, Princess Bubblegum is the ruler of the Candy Kingdom. She looks young but is actually centuries old. She’s the main authority figure of the series and often the one to who charges Finn and Jake with their missions.

She spends a lot of time administering the Candy Kingdom and also performing bizarre science experiments with candy. Once Finn’s crush, they are now friends. She is a workaholic who has little time for fun pursuits: Finn and many others have tried to woo her, but all have failed as she prefers to focus on running the Candy Kingdom as well as she can.



Pronounced “beemo”, this character is a close friend of Finn and Jake’s. He’s a self-aware video game system, who also functions as a portable electrical outlet, music player, roommate, camera, alarm clock, toaster, torch, strobe light, skateboarder, video editor, video player, tape player and chef.

A rebel, BMO likes to turn up his volume while people are playing video games on him, causing him to run out of batteries mid-game.

BMO speaks with a Korean accent and claims to feel no emotions; however despite this he does show emotion quite often.

He can use a bow and arrow and lives with Finn and Jake.



Originally an antagonist, but later ally of Finn and Jake, immortal Marceline has lived for almost 1000 years. She is a human/demon hybrid and vampire and has the ability to suck souls. However, she does not need to drink blood to survive, instead, she eats the colour red! Her father, Abadeer, is the demon-ruler of the Nightosphere: a Hell-like dimension.

Although powerful, Marcy, as she’s sometimes known, is an ally of limited use to Finn and Jake, as she is apathetic and so difficult to rouse into action.


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