Adventure Time - Places

So what about the places and setting of Adventure Time? It’s set in the Land of Ooo, which (perhaps unusually for a children’s show) is post-apocalyptic Earth. 1000 years before the show starts, an event called the Great Mushroom War ended our own modern civilisation, and Ooo is the rejuvenated world which grew out of the ashes of the war.


It’s implied that the Great Mushroom War was a nuclear exchange and the remnants of the modern world can often be seen in the show, from Las Vegas fridge magnets to half-buried skyscrapers and rusted tanks and cars.


Ooo itself is divided up into smaller areas, and we’ll look at these in more detail below:


Candy Kingdom

As the name suggests, made of sweets, the Candy Kingdom is one of Ooo’s most stable and developed lands. Ruled by Finn and Jake’s friend Princess Bubblegum and inhabited mainly by the Candy People, this land is organised enough to have an intelligence service and to concern itself with the affairs of the other kingdoms of Ooo.

The inhabitants are low-intelligence but love to party.

It appears to be built atop a river of radioactive goo leftover from the Great Mushroom War.


Fire Kingdom

Ruled by the Flame Princess, the Fire Kingdom is the home of most of Ooo’s Fire Elementals and other flame-based creatures such as Fire Wolves and Lava Men.

It’s in southwestern Ooo and is made up (unsurprisingly) of lava fields and volcanos.


Ice Kingdom

True to its name, the Ice Kingdom is made up of snow-capped mountains and is home to various ice-themed creatures such as Snow Golems, Ice Toads and Iceclops, as well as more traditional creatures such as Polar Bears and especially Penguins, who make up the majority of the population. It’s got a coastline and off this coast are icebergs.


Cloud Kingdom

Not much is known about this kingdom, except that it’s made out of clouds in the sky and is home to the Party God and Cloud Nymphs!


Wildberry Kingdom

This kingdom is city in a giant bush and is home to the Wildberry Princess and the Wildberry People. Some of the Wildberry People inhabitants seems to be carnivorous in order to protect their fellow citizens (in this kingdom, being carnivores would be similar to humans being vegetarians).


Mountain of Matthew

A weird and cultish theocracy previously ruled over by Matthew, a cloud composite creature made up of all the people who built the mountain. Matthew is later killed and disperses into the people who originally merged to make him.


City of Thieves

More like a grotty, run-down village than a city, this place is located in a desert found on the shell of a giant turtle. As the name might imply, there are no rules here, and the inhabitants regularly steal off one another. Most residents are dirty and uncouth, as you’d expect of a city of thieves!


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