Are Scholl Exercise® Sandals good for standing?

They’re back!

We at Shoes International have a long and happy history with Scholl footwear.

And at last, we’re very happy to announce the return of the ever popular and iconic Scholl Pescura wooden mule.

Many of us can remember back in the sixties and seventies - every fashionista would have been sporting a pair of Pescura heeled clogs in various prints. I distinctly remember wearing the latest denim covered model back in the day.

Very little has changed over the years - each design now made in Italy has the classic beechwood anatomically moulded footbed, which helps to strengthen and tone foot and leg muscles.

Just a few hours a day is recommended at first - to help the wearer get used to the unique toning effect.

Even the original style of Scholl buckle adds that hint of nostalgia and authenticity as well as adjustability.

Scholl Bioprint® Technology is characterised by a natural cork and rubber footbed which is ergonomically designed to keep your foot in the correct position.

This summer’s range is quite extensive offering a style to suit most tastes so everyone can enjoy the benefits of this comfort technology.

The shock absorbing effects of the Scholl Memory Cushion® Technology makes walking a pleasure.

Incorporating double thickness padding these styles also have a lightweight broad sole unit which surrounds the foot.

The minimalist styling of these sandals portrays a clean and contemporary look combined with underfoot comfort.