AW 2014 Mens Trends

Last weeks post, we debut the anticipated Women's Autumn/Winter 2014/15 shoe collection at Shoes International. Now as promised we now turn to the gents and see what was occurring with the Fall/Winter 2014/15 trends for mens winter shoes. There are some interesting concepts that have been picked up from the most recent catwalks such as Paris Fashion Week. The favourite trends occurring this season are the splashes of vivid colour and panels of high shine black leather.

Castel 8 eye boot

Lets get down to business, we have a great pair of mens winter boots here which will support you through the peril of the English weather. From the Dr Martens Core Originals range, we bring you the Castel 8 eye boot. These beautifully made mens winter boot comes in two colours; Black or Khaki and comes with a piece of history. The Castel boot is inspired by the 1950's era of the United States Air Force Pilots. The leather boots feature nylon in the design which the same material that was contained in the bomber jackets of the pilots back in the day! A vibrant orange inner lining is featured inside the boots which relates to the safety measure taken by the pilots when they turned their jackets inside out to reveal the high visibility orange.


The next style of mens autumn shoes we have to show you are another great pair from the Dr Martens range. Some might say they are rather eccentric but these are bound to go brilliantly with a suit or a pair of jeans. The Core Stax 3 eye Bandage shoe in Cherry Red is a head turner to say the least. These mens winter shoes take inspirations from the punk era of the 1970's, with panels of leather overlapping a spoon shaped toe. The Arcadia leather used for this shoe has undergone a special, handmade process to reveal a two tone leather; the high shine black with the deep cherry red coming through. Trust us, you won't be disappointed with these as they are totally acceptable for this seasons trend for mens winter shoes and of course the British climate.


To finish off the round up nicely, we have these Ecco Biarritz from the brands new Fall/Winter collection. These are a pair of shoes not to underestimate. A dark burnt umber full grain leather covers the upper body of the mens winter shoe as well as a leather lining included on the interior of the shoe. Not only will you gain extreme comfort with these Ecco Biarritz shoes, they will look astounding with any outfit you wish to wear them with. Intricate patterns and stamped details finish off the shoes, giving them a touch of royalty almost. If you have yet to own a pair of mens winter shoes like these, you'll be glad once you have made the investment!

All of the mens winter shoes & mens winter boots that have been previously shown are all available to pre order now! Perfect with pay day that arrived to many of us this month. All the new lines that have been added to our catalogue will be available to buy from September onwards but as said before, pre order to avoid missing out on your favourite shoes this fall. If you need more choice for your pair of mens winter shoes & mens winter boots, you can find them in the mens section. We hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog, stay tuned next week for a whole new topic we will be covering.