Choosing Childrens Shoes

As any parent knows, buying children’s shoes can be tricky. Finding the right size shoe can be a challenge when their foot sizes are constantly changing. You want to ensure that they are comfortable enough to run around and play in their shoes, but also choose the shoes that will allow for a little bit of growth and flexibility. At Shoes international we have a great selection of children's shoes, ranging from newborns right through to pre-teens.

How much will my child's feet grow?

The thing to remember is, that children's feet grow at different rates. No two children are the same and at each stage in your child's development you will notice that you are having to buy them new shoes more and less often.

On average it is expected that:

- Children between 1-3 years of age will likely see growth up to around ¾ inch (19.5 mm) in a year.

- Children between 3-6 years could see growth of around ½ inch (12.7 mm) a year.

- Children aged between 6-10 years see slightly less growth at just under ½ inch (12.7 mm) a year.

These figures are in no way certain and it varies greatly from each child, although if you are looking for a starting guide to pre-empting how your child's feet may grow, then these guidelines are a good place to start. For a more definite guide we always recommend getting their feet measured in-store by a trained shoe retailer, this will give you the most accurate measurements. We also have some handy print out guides for you to measure your child's feet at home, available for sizes up to 1 and larger sizes up to 8.

Important factors to consider when choosing your child's shoes

While the size of your child's feet do need to be considered when buying them a new pair of shoes, there are other factors that also need to be considered. Children's feet tend to sweat more than grown ups which means buying shoes that are breathable is essential, and will ensure their feet remain comfortable whilst they're running around and playing. Our Geox shoe range for children benefit from the same breathable technology that the adult range possesses. The soles features tiny air holes, small enough to allow air to escape, but too small to allow water to enter. Geox shoes are also designed to be easy fitting with no complex laces or zips, allowing your child can slip their shoes on and off with ease.


As your child grows up, you also want to ensure that their shoes will survive the usual rough and tumbles. Our Timberland shoe ranges for girls and boys make the perfect winter boot or summer shoe; your child will have a hard time wearing these shoes out! Our Timberland collection offer different shoe properties to each age range, with the younger ranges benefiting from lightweight flexibility and the older ranges delivering more strength and resistance against wear and tear.



Whilst you may want your child's shoe to benefit from these aforementioned features, it is also important that the shoes look great. Our Lelli Kelly range for girls combines fun, bold designs with breathable materials that we're sure your little girl will love. We also have a fantastic selection of Dr Martens shoes for boys and girls, we even have some adorable Dr Marten baby boots for newborns! Some shoes, such as the Dr Martens Infants Buster B Capper boots, are exact mini replicas of their adult counterparts. Classic designs and excellent quality, these shoes are certain to last and are great for handing down to any later arrivals! It's also worth checking out the Dr Martens'collaboration with Beano comic character's Dennis the Menace and Minnie the Minx, your little one is sure to love these fun designs featuring their favourite comic book characters! 

We have a great range of children's shoes, with many more brands, styles and designs to choose from. Why not take a look and let us help you find the perfect shoes for your little ones!