December 22, 2015  | News

Ugly Christmas Jumpers!

Although they've always been around, the ridiculous Christmas jumper has really taken off since about 2011. 

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December 9, 2015  | News

Where is Saint Nicholas Buried?

One of the alter-egos of Father Christmas is Saint Nicholas. He was a real person, living in the 4th Century in Myra, southernTurkey (a region which in those days was mainly inhabited by Greeks and Armenians – the ancestors of the Turks were still a long way away in Central Asia).

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December 13, 2013  | News

Mephisto Shoes: Christmas Gifts for Her

We take a look at Mephisto Shoes for her at Christmas. A particular favourite Shoe Quote of ours is: “I have enough shoes – said no-one ever”. Shoes, so long as you pick the right pair, will always be appreciated. So we're here to guide you through our range.

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November 28, 2013  | News

Walk in to the Perfect Christmas

Check out this amazing guide to 'choose the right shoes' for all your wonderful festive activities. From shopping to sledging, this guide will point you in the right direction! Check it out now..

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