Do the Shoes You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Dozens of seemingly innocuous factors can affect your mood, as well as more obvious things such as weather. Perhaps footwear isn’t one of the things you think about when you consider factors influencing your mood, but it can do more than you might think.


Firstly there’s the fit. Footwear that’s too tight can cut off circulation in your foot and make you feel uncomfortable and edgy. Nice, soft, loose slippers can have the opposite effect.


Secondly, there’s the style. While a great pair of shoes can make you feel on top of the world, heels, for example, can make you less comfortable in some situations (such as if you have to walk far in them).


Thirdly, there’s the colour. This can be very important. We know that colours can really affect your mood and how others perceive you. Here are a few colours and the emotions they elicit in yourself and others:


Red: This colour draws attention, so if that’s your thing, wear red! Because of this, it’s seen as an empowering colour.


Orange: While sharing the attention-grabbing quality of red, the subtler orange is more soothing and less intense. Some skin-tones don’t work well with orange, so ensure yours does before wearing this colour.


Yellow: It’s obvious, but this is a sunny colour which radiates happiness and an easygoing attitude. This can be the perfect way to lift your mood if you’re feeling a little down.


Green: Often used in hospital for this very reason, green is a soothing colour which has been shown to reduce stress. Its association with scenery and plantlife may be the cause of this. A great colour to wear if you’re feeling a little strained.


Blue: Something of a mixed-bag, blue can be either calming or cold depending on your initial mood. If you’re stressed, blue can be calming, but if you’re already feeling down, blue can intensify this feeling. There’s a reason that being down is also called “feeling blue”.


Purple: For millennia, the sign of royalty, purple maintains something of that flavour to this day. It evokes luxury and creativity and should be worn if you want to feel inspired and intuitive!


Pink: Once actually associated with boys, pink is now considered the ultimate feminine “girly-girl” colour. Associated with romance and happiness, pink is also calming. Its association with romance means it’s a good choice for a date.


White: If you’re missing those perky summer days, white is a good choice. It naturally reminds you of those clear, bright days and is associated with peace, cleanliness and innocence.


Black: The opposite of white, this colour is associated with seriousness, responsibility and authority. This is a good one to wear for a job interview but, in the right style, can actually give you an edgier look if done properly. Like blue, this is a colour which can be different in different circumstances.