Don’t Let Winter Get You Down - Hygge!

With winter approaching the days are getting shorter, and for some, even Christmas isn’t enough to compensate for the cold and the dark.

But don’t despair! The people of Denmark (and who knows more about cold winters and long dark nights?) have a concept that can help you deal with the onset of the colder months. The Danes call this concept ‘hygge’ (pronounced hyoo-gah).

An approximate, but lacking, translation in English is ‘cosiness’, but this doesn’t do the Danish idea of hygge justice. Hygge is more than simple cosiness, it’s the concept of creating a warm, relaxing and intimate atmosphere and of enjoying the good things in life with family and friends.

And, getting the most out of the idea, the Danes don’t restrict it to winter: summer activities such as eating barbecues, attending outdoor concerts and other public events can all be ‘hyggelig’. Having said that, the high-season of hygge is Christmas, celebrated with mulled wine, dozens of candles, friends, family and good cheer.

So as the days shorten this year, don’t look on winter as something to be endured – enjoy it like the Danes do! Embrace the colder months as an opportunity to experience some hygge!