Dr Martens Factory Visit

Dr Martens United Spirit

There is always a little friendly competition for places when it is time for a visit to the famous Dr Martens factory in Northamptonshire. Unfortunately we can only take so many because of course we have to keep our orders flowing (and Dr Martens might not be able to accommodate our whole team, hospitable people though they are).

We are already fans of the Made in England range, so to see them being made was a fascinating history. We were given a wonderfully informative and enthusiastic tour of the factory floor by the Dr Martens team. Many of the processes in the initial part of the construction are the same as you might see at any other famous Northamptonshire shoe factory: The cutting of the leather, the closing of the uppers and the use of lasts to shape the shoe.

Dr Martens factory - punching the eye holes

However, it is of course the famous Air Wear soles that we have come to see being made. Please remember whenever you are speaking to Stephen or Lynne who manage our Dr Martens sales - they have been to the factory and have a genuine enthusiasm for the brand. They have also seen the shoes being made now so are in an excellent position to answer any questions you might have.

Next Seasons Styles

Though of course we would like to show you all the new and exciting styles Dr Martens are bringing out for next season, we are not allowed too!  Please be assured however that as soon as they are available we will be making them available to our many customers who are already avid Dr Martens fans.