Finding Wider Fit Shoes

Who Needs Wider Shoes & Why?

There's a variety of reasons why people of all ages might need wider fitting shoes. Some feet are naturally wider than others. Some are swollen or painful or might have conditions such as bunions or hammer toes. Other customer might naturally have different sized feet and may require one foot to have a wider fit and use an inlay for their other, narrower, foot.

We intend to help everyone find their ideal size – this is one of the first steps in ensuring a comfortable wearing experience.

How to Find Wider Fitting Shoes?

When it comes to wide fit shoes it can be difficult to find a quality pair. Whether you have naturally wider feet or swollen feet due to medical concerns we don't believe you should have to compromise quality to get a comfortable pair of shoes in a size that's right for you. That's why we work with some specially selected preferred suppliers to provide a range of options. We're even a certified gold star stockist for DB Shoes.

This article covers the best brands in this area, including DB Shoes, Waldlaufer, Padders, & Sandpiper.

DB Shoes Wider Fitting Range

We are a certified gold stockist of DB Shoes whose wider fittings include EE, 4E, V, 6E and 8E. These are in order: extra wide, 4E extra wide, variable extra wide, 6E extra wide and 8E extra wide.

EE – extra width in the tread area

4E – extra width in the tread and deeper toe boxes

V – the variable fitting allows you to adjust the shoe to your feet. Includes removable socks to provide extra depth for one or both feet if needed.

6E – suitable for those with very wide or very swollen feet

8E – again very wide but also with an extremely deep toe box

These are perfect for swollen and wide feet, designed to provide as little rubbing as possible to keep your feet as comfortable as possible.


Waldlaufer - a German based brand that offer an amazing range of footwear in many different fittings and sizes. They are very popular in our retail shop and online. Available in widths including G, H, K and M – going from narrow/medium, medium/wide, full wide and up to extra wide – as per US sizing conventions.

The Waldlaufer approach is to design shoes for specific feet, rather than shoes in multiple widths. All the range has air cushioned soles and the footbeds can be removed making them suitable for orthopedic inlays.


Padders footwear is designed in conjunction with a professional podiatrist, whose area of expertise is in footwear, rehabilitation and falls prevention in older people. Comfort is built into the core philosophy of the brand, using what they call their FeelGoodFeet™ technology which is highly rated by SATRA's comfort index.

Sandpiper Shoes

Sandpiper shoes offer a range designed specifically for swollen feet. Furthermore, many of the range includes a '3 in 1' fitting system with each shoe including two removable socks each. This is perfect for people whose feet are different widths, or people with swollen feet where the swelling may vary from foot to foot and from day to day.

The wider fittings offer by sandpiper include: wide, extra wide, extra extra wide and dual fit.



If you or a relative require a hard to find fit our experts are on hand to help, simply call 0800 1777 608 (UK Freephone) or +44 1422 353831 (International customers) or send us a message here.