Flats are my new BFF

Gazing longingly at the rows of elegant leg-lengthening, ankle-chiselling sky scraper heels I used to favour is sadly still my way. But 90% of the time I now wear flats.


I’m lucky enough to be in a position to walk to work every day – although some may disagree if they were to encounter the one-in-one cobbled shortcuts found in this part of the world.

I also love to visit my daughter in London. So dashing around on the underground, up multiple staircases and escalators doesn’t lend itself to the wearing of fabulously precarious footwear.


That said, I have to admit that the ranges of gorgeous flats now available is impressive to say the least. Why suffer for vanity’s sake when you can wear a beautifully made pair of Barker Charlie Derby Wingtips or Barker Imogen Tasselled Loafers:


Birkenstock is now truly established as a fashion brand loved by fashionistas as well as offering the orthopaedic benefits recommended by health professionals. Now there’s no need to wear them in – due to the new Birkenstock Soft Footbed styles.


But for true street cred on the streets of London - or any major city, the fantastic array of Dr Martens colours and styles transcends all age and cultural barriers.

All-in-all comfort and fashion – music to the ears of all busy women I’m sure.

I’ll always be slightly in love with my heels – but for now they’ll remain pristine and beautiful on the shelf, awaiting the next ‘special occasion’.