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We take a look over the history & manufacturing of Grenson Shoes and also announce we have new additions to our range on their way to us as we speak!

Started by just one man in the 19th Century and still going strong today, over 120 years of experience go into the design, testing & production of Grenson's Men's shoes. Since 1886 these master shoe makers have expanded from a family based cottage industry into a multi-national manufacturer of top quality Goodyear welted footwear. After all this time, their shoes are still incredibly popular.

Goodyear Welting: What Is It?

Grenson's factory was the first in the world to use this method of shoe-construction, which was first pioneered in the 1800s and remains very popular to this day. It involves attaching the welt to the insole and upper, before folding it out for connecting to the outer sole. This process improves the water resistance of the shoe compared to other methods and has been linked to improved longevity. And what happens after this longer lasting sole has worn-out? It can be replaced! Other methods do not allow for this and so are not as good an investment as Goodyear welted footwear. In an age of production line construction for many items this time consuming method remains popular.

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Quality Takes Time..

Through their four stages of construction: clicking, closing, lasting/making and finishing/shoe room it can take them up to around 3 weeks to make a pair of shoes. Cheaper shoes are made in a fraction of this time – and it shows! As an aside: if they're poorly made they won't last as long and will therefore need replacing more often. Cheap shoes could end up costing you more in the long-run! This level of quality and attention to detail in hand crafting shoes means that Grenson take a little longer than most to make their footwear. They're very much worth the wait in our opinion!

Buy Online Now!

Demand for this manufacturer has increased massively and in response to many requests we're adding to our range as soon as we possibly can! We're very excited to introduce these new lines to you – watch out for some special offers and promotions coming soon! Take a look at our Grenson's Men's footwear range for stylish, comfortable footwear that is incredibly well made and durable. As ever, the Shoes International Price Pledge means that if you can find the same shoes at a lower price online we'll not only match it, but we'll even beat it by 5% (conditions apply). As well as our price pledge we also offer Free delivery in the UK and ship competitively to many countries around the world.

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