Mens Winter Boots - Formal Occasions

A few weeks ago we took a look at a selection of formal winter boots and shoes for women. This week, we put our mens shoes in the spotlight and look at a selection of boots and shoes that we currently have available and are perfect for those occasions where you want to dress smart, but also dress practically for the icy and wet conditions. Unlike during the drier months, where wearing a pair of shoes with a leather sole is fine, during the winter months it can be tricky to find a pair that is both practical to walk in, and still looks smart with the rest of your attire. Our selection is both practical and perfectly on trend!

First up we have some selections from our Mephisto range. Our Mephisto Sergio shoes are crafted from genuine Norwegian Welt; a soft yet hard wearing leather that also benefits from excellent water resistant properties. Creating shoes using Norwegian Welt is a time consuming process however the results more than make up for that. The shoe is available in stunning hazelnut or black and also comes with non slip rubber soles; offering that smart yet rugged look, these shoes would be the perfect for a smart/casual winter event. For that even smarter look, our Mephisto Scott shoes are crafted from the same Norwegian Welt as the Sergio, but are available in the more classic Derby style. They also share the same rubber soul as the Sergio, which is always a benefit when it gets a bit icy out there!




Next up we take a look at a few examples from our Barker collection, a truly exceptional brand we are proud to show off here at Shoes International. Our Barker Boyd brogue style shoes are classic in their design yet remain fully on trend. Expertly crafted from calf leather, this cedar coloured brogue is sure to set you apart from the crowd this season. The notched detailing on this shoe is also something to be admired, as is the 12mm commando style soul with added grip. New in our Barker range this season, we also have the Barker Thirsk. Oozing sophistication and class, these Chelsea boot style shoes are also crafted from fine calf leather and have exceptional waterproofing technology. They also feature Dainite rubber souls, allowing for increased grip and stability and are available in a stunning cherry grain; perfect for the autumn/winter months.




Finally we take a look at our Geox shoes range. Geox shoes have become renowned for their Geox breathes technology; a sole which benefits from a number of tiny air holes, small enough for sweat to be released out without allowing water back in. The Geox Capoy ankle boot and the Capoy classic brogue, are both new in this season and already turning heads! The ankle boot comes with traditional brogue detailing and is ideal for those smart/ formal events this winter. The classic brogue Geox Capoy shoe has a smart tarnished leather look and the usual brogue detailing; this is a great choice if you want to go against the grain at a formal event and stand out amongst the rest. 

We have introduced some great ideas on how to update your wardrobe with some great mens winter boots and mens winter shoes. If you fancy browsing a little more of the new products we have added to our range, check out the mens section. All of the previewed mens winter boots and winter shoes are now available to order and if you need any service don't hesitate to visit our Facebook page and Twitter page, more than happy to help with any enquiries.