Mephisto Ladies Mobils

I have always seen the MOBILS range of footwear by Mephisto as the more sensible side of the brand. But Mephisto have now introduced some beautiful trendy styles in to the collection for this Summer - whilst maintaining their reputation for extreme comfort and the perfect fit.



With multiple adjustment features, such as hidden elastics and velcro fasteners, even these new fashionable MOBILS styles allow for optimal posture and fit whilst bringing a little pizzazz to the collection.


Every single item of footwear features an anatomic removable foot-bed with SOFT-AIR technology. This promotes a healthy and natural walk by relieving the joints whilst acting as a shock absorber with every step.


Perfect for the Summer heat - the temperature of the inside of the shoes is regulated by the COMFORTEMP lining.  The COMFORTEMP membrane stores the excess heat from the feet releasing it when the temperature falls again.



One key feature of the MOBILS, thanks to Mephisto’s close collaboration with orthopedists and podiatrists, is that the anatomic foot-bed can be easily removed and replaced by a personal custom orthotic.  With wider fittings throughout the range, this footwear can easily adapt to all foot shapes. The all-around padding - cleverly hidden between the  lining and the natural leather upper, eliminates any rubbing and pressure points.


For those Summer strolls, MOBILS are a must to ensure a healthy, natural walk!