Our Kids Geox Shoes Range

Amongst our children's shoe range, Geox are a firm favourite with parents everywhere. We take a look at just why they are so popular and show off some of the bargains available on our website now.

We'll also advise you on How to Buy Children's Shoes Online.

Why buy Geox Shoes for your Children?

The combination of technology and approach to fitting means these shoes & trainers are comfortable, breathable and waterproof. The waterproofing and breathable sole mean your kids can continue to be active without getting hot and uncomfortable.

They're also designed to be easy to put on, all but the youngest children can easily put on and take off these shoes without worrying about laces.

Our Children's Geox have also become rather popular as a back to school brand, because in addition to the flexibility and breathable sole, they also have a sensible sense of style without being boring. The large rubber toe on the Savage is a particular favourite with parents who know all to well how easily boys school shoes can scuff at the toe.

Kids Geox at Shoes International:

How to buy Children's Shoes online

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that you need to be confident of your child's shoe size – preferably measured by a trained fitter. As a rough guide you could also print out and consult our up to size 1 print out sizing guide and our up to size 8 print out sizing guide.

When the shoes arrive there's a few things you need to check. Check the size with the child standing  up and with their weight evenly on both feet. No slouching! Have them wear socks or not depending on how they'll generally be worn.

Next check the gap between their longest toe and the end of the shoe. This sometimes might be the second toe rather than the big toe. This gap should be about 1.5cm.

How does the fitting feel across the vamp? This is the front of the shoe and it should neither be too loose or too tight.

Now it's time for the fashion parade! Have them walk up and down on some carpet (it avoids scuffing the soles in case they don't fit and you need to return them). Does it look firm around the heel? Good! It doesn't slip up and down whilst they walk? Excellent!

For conversion between US, UK & EU sizes take a look at our Children's sizing chart.

If you need any further assistance or advice before ordering please contact us – were happy to help!

We hope you found this post useful – take a look over our Kids Geox Shoes and take advantage of our winter sale prices. Don't forget we also have a fantastic range of Geox shoes for men and women! Free UK delivery!