Poetic Licence

How are you all doing? Today we’re excited. Very excited. Do you want to know why?

We are proud to introduce a new brand to Shoes International, say a BIG hello to Poetic Licence – it’s the most inspiring, quirky range of in season trends we have had the privilege to be able to share with you..

Poetic Licence first launched as a brand in 2005 in London inspiring footwear which is now sold all over the world. They continue to provide unparalleled vintage inspired footwear.

Poetic Licence are the sister brand of Irregular Choice but their collections have a very different feel. Poetic Licence takes it’s influences from British Culture, vintage fabrics and world inspiration. Their design team incorporates their love of things past into artfully modern designs to make extraordinary unique footwear.

If your looking for an Autumn/Winter style that’s unique, colourful and fabulously fashionable then this collection is absolutely for you, if you want to make a statement with your shoes this season. There is sure to be at least one style you will fall head over heels with.

A great pair of shoes won’t just compliment an outfit, they’ll make a real impact on their own, giving you a boost in not only height, but a bigger boost in confidence.

Check out some of our most favourite styles for the winter season …


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