Sancho Abarca Boots incredibly popular throughout the world!

The excellent quality of workmanship and fit have made Sancho Abarca Boots  incredibly popular throughout the world!


We recently supplied one of our customers in the US with a pair of Monk Old Manchado Cuero and were all delighted to read his updates on his new boots, so much so, we felt we should share some of his creative writing skills with you all…





“Just a final note to this western saga...Sancho showed up just as the Wells Fargo courier pulled up in front of the general store as the sun was setting high midday. Me, Garret, and Chato, the old Apache hunter, were starting our slow procession toward the OK Corral against the four of them including the usual suspects...Ariat, Dan Post, Justins, and that old timmer Lucchese. Then suddenly off the Wells Fargo wagon steps down this new rough looking dude "Sancho Arbaca", never seen him before, but looked sinister...long overcoat and beard and a certain "gait" about him.....Must have been those boots he was wearing. Really sharp. Had this side-by-side double barreled shot gun I'd never seen before. Some Spanish pop gun. Think it was a 16 gauge. Bad looking...Anyhow he walked over to us and simply winked his eye and said "Let's go Compadres....We have some business to take care of....and I'm thirsty......Where are those arrogant Yankees?" Wow...Felt like we had a chance now. I can thank that nice gal over at the church I had met just 2 days ago...What was her name now..Oh yea..Justine. Hadn't been for her..would have been just the three of us...Not so good! We approached carefully. Said little and all knew what we had to do....Sancho was to my right..Chato on my immediate left. He had been a famous Apache hunter and was responsible for the apprehension of  Geronimo. He carried a type. I carried my Winchester and Garret held double-Colts with a Remington strapped over his shoulders.  When we got to within 20-25 feet of where they were perched, we opened up with everything we had and all hell broke loose...smoke filled the air. You couldn't hear nothing...we just blasted away at those dudes. I saw Garret go down...Chato then leaned forward in pain...It felt like eternity. As the air settled....I could make out that Justins had gone down...Ariat was done for and was laying face-down..and Dan Post had had his boot blown clean off his foot!..I had taken a round in the shoulder but was going to be OK....Ah but Sancho....That dude came out unscathed...He kept cool under fire. He must have taken at least 8 rounds gone clean through his overcoat..but never sustained a serious injury to himself!...And those shiny boots....He said they made somewhere in Spain....some place where they make lots of china?.... I said I want some that...He grunted something about seeing to that but only after "downing" some hard earned whiskey....So We wisked him of to the local saloon. Told him there was someone he might like to the name of....let's see....what was her name....oh yea...Justine!”