The Rise of The Flat Shoe

2016 may be the year of the flat shoe. Celebs are dumping their high-heels and opting for the more sensible flats. We see news stories about girls falling in the street, but hope may be on the horizon. The fashion industry has been starting to get behind flat shoes for the last year or so, although it’s caused problems: the organisers of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival became so outraged at the number of guests turning up in flats that they instituted a bizarre and draconian “high-heels-only” rule. Unsurprisingly, this heavy-handed rule was hotly debated in and out of the Film Festival itself.


But, opposition from the Cannes Film Festival aside, the flat shoe continues to grow in popularity alongside momentum against high-heels. In early October 2015, Helen Bonham Carter famously ditched her high-heels while being interviewed at the premier of her new movie Suffragette, having decided that she was tired of them. Barefoot, she appeared much more comfortable.


There’s no doubt that high-heeled shoes are sexy and glamourous, and they do a great job of making petites look taller, but the flat shoe is undoubtedly more comfortable and practical – few women have fallen over in the street due to their flat shoes. Having said that, there are a few things to consider and to know with the flat shoe – the shoe must fit the outfit:

  • * Closed flat shoes look great with pants and skirts and come in a fantastic variety of shapes, materials and colours
  • * Flats don’t usually increase your height, but flat boots can be stuffed with elevators to give you a height elevation (they only work with boots, though)
  • * A key to many casual styles is a low wedge, which many prefer to a low heel, as it tends to be more stable and comfortable
  • * Nude-coloured flats will flatter and always look elegant
  • * For an equestrian look in winter, try jeans tucked into flat or low-heeled leather boots
  • * The midi-heel is another alternative to the high-heel. They’re usually 2 – 5 cm in height and are much more stable and easy to wear than high heels

There are also a number of accessories you’ll want for flat shoes to help get them comfy and fit perfectly:

  • * Heel grips
  • * Adhesive strips to ensure that straps stay in place
  • * Powder for bare feet in closed shoes
  • * Inner-soles and half inner-soles.
  • * Lamb’s wool for winter boots
  • * Gel cushions for the balls of the feet
  • * Anti-slip stickers for soles
  • * Important: Plenty of plasters to protect pressure points!

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