Ugly Christmas Jumpers!

Although they've always been around, the ridiculous Christmas jumper has really taken off since about 2011. 


Once the preserve of the silly uncle or eccentric grandfather, the terrible Christmas sweater is now widely-seen on people of all ages and walks of life during the Christmas period.


They're big money, too - according to, sales of Christmas jumpers was up at one retailer by 200% in 2014 on the year before, and in 2011 was up 600% from the previous year!


The new popularity of Christmas jumpers seems to stem at least partly from celebrities beginning to wear them, this marking their transformation from fashion no-no to something acceptable and mainstream. The willingness of charities such as Save The Children to jump on the terrible festive jumper bandwagon has also increased their popularity.


Take a look at these monstrosities below - which is yoyur favourite?