Waldläufer – Function, Fit and Fashion

Most of our customers have a favourite brand which they return to time and again due to their fitting or maybe even the styling. But time and again I’m hearing that the Waldlaufer shoes and sandals are recommended by foot-care experts.


Although not medically trained myself, I can certainly see why this is rapidly becoming our most popular brand.

Originally I’d thought of it as simply a wider fitting brand - ranging from wide to extra extra wide. But during the last few years more benefits have come to light, such as the stretch sides of Waldläufer Orthotritt - which is of benefit to those with sensitive and swollen feet.

The ‘rocker’ soles of the Waldläufer Dynamics shoes and sandals – are designed to encourage a gentle rolling motion when walking.

The removable insoles which are a feature in every style, even sandals, are a real help for those who have their own orthotics or require extra width and depth.


However, the most surprising revelation has been the wide range of fashionable styles which still have the width fittings, removable insoles and quality uppers expected. A quick look at the styles this summer could easily give you the impression that this is indeed a fashion brand.


Very rarely do we find a brand of footwear which can offer so many benefits along with value for money. When looking through the Waldläufer styles on our site, if you don’t happen to see your favourite, let us know and we’ll try to source them for you: sales@shoesinternational.co.uk Here are just a few of the styles on offer from the vast array currently available: