Waldlaufer Spring/Summer 2015

This season Waldlaufer are clearly striving to move their designs forward. With so many new contemporary styles and colour combinations we're expecting a lot of interest from customers both regular and new.


The Waldlaufer in-house design team have definitely put a lot of time and thought into their Spring/Summer sandals range. We can now offer some of your favourites, like the Waldlaufer 582002 in a choice of new colours, along with completely new styles like the Waldlaufer 342004 which we're finding is appealing to customers of all ages.



The new colour choices are also proving very popular - particularly the paler summery shades of blue - Jeans and Marine as featured  in the Waldlaufer 210004.



The new metallic sand colour features in several styles with varying fittings, including the Waldlaufer 850001 - an attractive sandal for the extra wide foot.


It’s reassuring to know that all the new styles still feature the Waldlaufer ‘walk in the forest’ philosophy. As always the new season conjures up thoughts of blue summer skies and lots of sunshine; we can only hope our dreams are fulfilled.

Whilst Waldlaufer control their styles and supplies, sadly neither they nor we have any control over the weather!