Wedding Shoes: This Season's Selection

That eagerly anticipated date in the diary has arrived and the best day of your life is about to happen right before your eyes. Perfection is absolute key with all weddings during the year, everything needs to run like clockwork in many people's eyes. Even though some may disagree that no such thing exists, it is still supposed to be the day you have been dreaming of since your childhood.

Let's get down to business, Shoes International have done all the hard work for you and have created a range of incredibly useful suggestions for what wedding shoes to wear for that special occasion. Whether it is for you or your friend's special day, we know it can be a stressful procedure and we have just the right ideas to make you look spectacular on the special day without that extra hassle.


Ruby Shoo are one brand that spring to mind for Women's wedding shoes. The 'Ruby Shoo' Alice, a ballerina style high heel that shines a beautiful hue of powder pink with a bunch of delicate English roses at the tip of the heel seem to be a firm favourite. These could be the perfect pair for the bridesmaids or fit for the bride herself, an Alice in her Wonderland. Another favourite from the collection for those perfect wedding shoes has to be 'The Kate'. Not like the style you would have seen Kate Middleton wear for her wedding but these ooze another sense of royal. The intricate silver straps combined with the funky monochrome print sets the court heels off another level. Polished off with a fuchsia coronation, that final touch will bound to give Kate a run for her money!


One idea to smarten up your daughter's dress for the big day would be these adorable 'Mary Jane' shoes from Froddo. A high quality girl's wedding shoe, with a pure pearl white leather exterior. Topped off nicely with the front of the shoes adorned with tiny daisies, clearly a pump fit for your little princess.


Now for the blokes, don't worry we haven't forgotten about you, after all it is ladies first. Steptronic are one of the brands for Men's wedding shoes we highly recommend at Shoes International. Let's start with the 'Steptronic Benz'. Guaranteed to look spectacular with any type of suit, a raw umber leather layered brogue with a smooth sheepskin interior to maximise total luxuriousness and comfort. Only the best of shoes will do like these 'Steptronic Benz', very much the same with the Mercedes which will leave you right at the top of the league for your special day. Another selection of men's wedding shoes to keep you on your toes is the 'Steptronic Maserati'. Cleverly named after one of the world's most demanded super cars, these wedding shoes will leave you to be the most desired. Designed to go with any outfit; a lavish loafer with a tan leather exterior and beautiful contrasting stitching. Maybe your wedding is at a tropical location on the beach? If so, these men's wedding shoes will be a breeze for your man.


Last but not least, we have some brilliant choices of boy's wedding shoes for your little man that will compliment his suit without a doubt! These Italian style brogues from Froddo are a flattering formal shoe with a hue of sierra brown leather all across the exterior. With acute attentions to detail within the leather and the white contrasting laces, these will be the best choice for your prince charming. For another alternative, you couldn't go wrong with the smart Ecco Kids 'Junior Dublin' for your boy's wedding shoes. A simple yet sophisticated shoe with minimal stitching on the polished black leather, these would finish off any outfit nicely with your boy looking as cute as a button. If you are on a budget, the Ecco Kids 'Junior Dublin' shoes would also be brilliant for your boy's school shoes for the new school year.

We hope these tantalising selections of wedding shoes we have picked out just for you have given you a sign of relief. Be sure to check out many other brands we stock from the Women's, Men’s and Children’s section if you require more choice. Remember, all our wedding footwear comes with Free UK delivery.