Pediped Shoes

Pediped shoes are a relative new brand originating in 2004 from a beautifully simple idea from a mother who wanted the best for her own child. When you her child was ready to walk she wondered what would be the most suitable footwear, and so asked her doctor's advice.

The advice she was given – that the feet should be allowed to form their natural unsupported shape at this stage - lead to the start of the Pediped brand and still underlies the ethos behind the Originals® range of footwear. At this early stage of a child's development the most appropriate footwear allows the foot to adopt its natural shape – it allows the foot to spread out as it would if the child was barefoot i.e. 'next best thing to bare feet'

Pediped OriginalsPediped Originals®

Available in sizes ranging from 0-6 months, 6 – 12 months and 12 – 18 months the originals range are ideal for newborns and non walkers in their smaller sizes. However the leather sole with its unique grip patter also provides the perfect platform for children who are starting to explore their environment – either by shuffling (the grippy sole helps here) or by standing and 'cruising' around on their feet using their surrounds for support.

Even those who are becoming more confident with their walking will find the 12 – 18 size shoes will give their feet the room they need to spread aiding balance and further development of their walking.

Grip n GoPediped Grip 'n' Go®

The Grip 'n' Go® range are available in EU sizes 19 – 23 and offer the ideal shoe for the early toddler through to older more confident walkers. They include the benefits of of the Originals range but with and added soft rubber sole (G2 Technology TM) which again is designed to fit the shape of children's shoes at this age, provide heel stability. The toe box is soft which is important in developing the ability of the toes to 'grip' the floor.

Designed to be practical both outside and inside, the grip n go provide the necessary blend of protection and flexibility for children who are learning to walk.

Pediped FlexPediped Flex®

When your child is walking confidently, he or she will be ready for the Pediped Flex ®range. There is a bigger difference in the step up from an Originals to a Grip 'n Go® shoe. Wearers of these shoes are confident walkers. There is a focus on maximising flexibility and providing good shock absorption in the heel.

Flex Fit System ™

Provided with most of the flex range are additional insoles which can be used to provide a better fit where there is too much room in the shoe. They can be removed when the foot has grown and thereby extend the useful life of the shoe.

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Other Technologies and Features

Machine Washable

Where indicated on the product description, Pediped shoes that are machine washable make for very practical easy to clean footwear.

Memory Foam Technology

Available where indicated on the product description – the foam of the insole automatically moulds to the shape of the child's foot to provide support where it is needed on an individual basis


Where you see this label in the product description, the footwear is designed to get wet during outdoor activities and in addition are machine washable – perfect for holiday sandals.


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