Start Rite Shoes History

Start-Rite have been involved in children's shoes for over 220 years. Still a family business the key to their continuing success is their focus on the development of children's feet.

Key features in Start Rite shoes include

  • Dye through leathers - this ensures that the shoes retain their colour even when they are scuffed. Every parent knows that their children will scuff their shoes so it is reassuring to know that with Start-Rite this does not necessarily mean an instant unsightly mark.
  • Durable soles - Start-Rite soles are made of flexible, lightweight and durable materials and are non-slip.

  • Washable materials - some pre-walker styles are 30°C Machine Washable. Make sure you look out for the symbol.

  • Breathable linings - Some Start-rite shoes have leather socks and linings, or breathable sports linings. 

Shoes International and Start Rite

Since we started selling children's shoes in our retail shop in 2013, Start Rite has been one of the most requested brands by our customers. We are starting with a back to school selection in 2015 and look forward to seeing our customers response.


Featured Start Rite Shoes