Corgi Socks

We have a wide range of Corgi Socks available online. Stripes, dots, tartan & more in a variety of colours. We have socks that are a mix of nylon/cotton – these are not as heavy as 100% cotton socks and so are better for daily business use. Some of our cotton socks use authentic Egyptian cotton and all of the range is handmade in Wales.


The company was founded in 1893 in Carmarthenshire, Wales, by Rhys Jones.

He spotted an opportunity to manufacture and purchased a number of second hand Griswald hand operated circular knitting machines to produce thigh high woollen socks for local colliers.

In the 1940's While on a buying visit to a Bedford factory, Glyn Jones who had married Rhys grand daughter Enid and were now managing the business, observed how the original Griswald hand operated machines could be adapted for special design effects, and when he returned to his Welsh factory he experimented and taught one of his employees the design and production of what were later to become known as Argyle patterned socks.

In 1989 Corgi was awarded a Royal Warrant by his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales. This has become a mark of quality for the company’s products across the world, and is regarded with enormous pride by everyone at the company.

The family business is now being carried on by his great, great grandchildren Chris Jones and Lisa Wood.

The Company Today

It was in 2008 that Chris and Lisa, grandchildren of the original founder, took over the running of the business after gaining several years industry experience themselves in Heathcoat Fabrics and George respectively.

To expand the business, investment was needed, and more importantly the company had to expand its sales capabilities. Both these goals were achieved when Corgi joined forces with Dents, a UK glove manufacturer world renowned for its quality products.

The family philosophy of manufacturing garments in high quality materials has remained constant for over 100 years.


A selection of our 2015 styles