Look After your Shoes with Dasco Shoe Care

We have polish, cloths, brushes, shoe trees and more to help you look after and ultimately get the most out of your leather or suede shoes.

By maintaing your shoes with high quality care products you can improve their longevity. With the Dasco Gel Massaging insoles you can improve the comfort of your shoes – they are one size fits all as you simply trim them to fit. Take a look at our Dasco Shoe Care range today!

History of Dasco Shoe Care

The Dasco company beginnings were in Battersea, London in the year 1946.

It was founded by Freddie Dunkelman who was born in London but spent his younger years in Canada, where he became an Ice Hockey enthusiast.

Inspired by his passion for the sport he initially started making ice hockey sticks but soon started supplying a range of equipment including boots and skates.

Then in the 1950's he had a chance meeting with George Hartmann whose German company was a major manufacturer of wooden shoe trees. Freddie begain to represent his company in the UK. As public interest in Ice Hockey began to fall, Freddie started to produce his own range of shoe trees.

In 1965 he moved to Desborough, Northamptonshire, to be in the heart of the shoe industry. This is where the business remains to this day, with both its head office and factory located there.

During the 80's Dunkelman concentrated on broadening their product range to provide everything the retailer needs. In response to consumer demand, the emphasis was on convenience and the need for products designed specifically for the different types of footwear and materials coming onto the market.

Notable introductions included a range of shoe care aerosols, launched at the Harrogate Shoe Fair in 1981, followed by Shoe Creams, in-built applicators and a selection of fashion colours. In 1994 Dasco had another market first with a Waxed Leather Cream, which proved to be a best seller.

Since then Dasco have continued to develop and sell an extensive range of shoe care products, both here in the UK and all over the world.


A selection of our Dasco Shoe Care Range