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At Shoes International, we offer an extensive range of Geox shoes for both men and women. All of entire range comes with their patented Geox breathes® technology; ingeniously designed soles which feature tiny air holes allowing your feet to breathe whilst also acting as a water barrier. Whether you are looking for casual footwear or something more formal, our men and women ranges are here to satisfy all needs. 

We offer FREE UK delivery on our entire Geox footwear range.

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The company was first founded in the 1990's by Mario Moretti Polegto, and they have since built a reputation for producing "Shoes that Breathe".

During a trip to Reno, Nevada (USA) to promote the wines of the family in an industry conference, Mario Moretti Polegato decided to take a walk. Bothered by the overheating of his feet caused by shoes with rubber soles he instinctively cut into both rubber soles with a knife. In this way he found a simple and effective solution to release the excess heat from his shoes. Next, Moretti Polegato developed his intuition in the workshop of a small footwear company owned by the family, developing a new technology for rubber soles. This was patented immediately and were included in the first pair of "shoes that breathe".

Commitment to Innovation

The company consistently invests in research and development in order to produce innovative footwear which reduces perspiration. The Geox breathes® technology membrane included in their shoes allows feet to breathe whilst also keeping them dry. They have achieved this by perforating their membrane, adding holes large enough for sweat to pass through, but small enough to prevent water molecules (which are actually larger) from penetrating.

As well as striving for innovation, the company continues to stay on trend and produce quality shoes that their customers adore. Geox shoes are available in a number of cutting edge designs, materials and colours; there's a shoe fit for any occasion.

The current range of Geox shoes is extensive, featuring Mens & Womens shoes and Boots.

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A Selection of our 2015 Geox Styles