Gerry Weber Shoes, Bags and Purses

The success story of Gerry Weber is well known to many women. Starting in 1973 they have become known the world over for not only exciting clothing collections, but their spa, hotel and venue – all part of their lifestyle vision.

Now this iconic German fashion label also creates a gorgeous line of footwear, bags and purses

Their vision is about producing shoes for a lively fashion and lifestyle, that are still 'irresistibly feminine'. They certainly achieve the right balance in their range of footwear - truly wonderful shoes for the modern woman, that we are proud and excited to stock!

Their CEO is never short of a few inspirational words, as theses quotes attest:

The lives of women have never been more individual and varied than today – just like our fashion. Everybody has to re-invent and re-orientate himself or herself. This is what we live everyday for the well-being of our customers”

Gerhard Weber, CEO

Gerry Weber and Shoes International

When Shoes International discovered that Gerry Weber would be bringing out a footwear collection we were very excited - if the famously stylish and innovative clothing lines were any indication - then this collection would be very popular with us and our customers.

We'll let you judge for yourselves - but suffice it to say we were not disappointed with Gerry Weber Shoes and accessores take a look – we have wonderful boots and heels, in supple leathers and gorgeous suedes, made to the highest standards of both comfort and style. Along with gorgeous bags with matching purses to complete your look.

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Gerry Weber 2015