Joya Shoes

Autumn Winter 2020

The Joya collection for this season covers almost every imaginable angle from waterproof rugged outdoor footwear, through athletic and causal to business style.

New for 2020

Joya fans will recognise that there is a new sole unit - the super light Senso Sole.  Joya now uses more vegetable tanned (more sustainable) leather.

Joya technology shoeJoya Information

At Shoes International we have a wealth of information regarding the benefits of Joya shoes - please read on below for a summary of the technology and soles - but please see the following pages for more information

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Joya Technology

All Joya footwear has one prime objective - turning the hard flat ground into a soft supple surface. This provides comfort for wearers in addition to a very unique feeling.  The principle is that a sort supple surface takes the stress off your locomotor system. By evenly distributing the load on your feet, pressure on particular vulnerable spots is minimised. Joya also helps reduce the stress on your backbone and spinal discs.

Joya footwear is recommended by renowned doctors, orthopaedists and gait specialists.

Joya Footwear Categories

There are two main categories of technology in the Joya range.

Joya motion icon

1) motion: Active Walking and Standing

The height and shape of the sole promote increased side to side balance movement. The curved rocker bottom helps the roll-off part of walking which can assist with arthritic problems of the foot. Look out for this symbol:

Joya emotion icon2) emotion: Stress-Free Walking and Standing

 A flatter more stable way of walking is promoted by this range. Cushioning helps to reduce stress. The include WAVE technology which can work well with orthopaedic insoles.

emotion styles are further subdivided into categories based on their sole technology: WAVE technology, SENSO technology, AIR technology


Featured Joya Styles for this season: