Romika Shoes, Boots & Sandals - A Brief History

Romika was founded in 1922 by 3 business men. In 1936 the Romika trademark was transferred to Mr Hellmuth Lemm. The company then survived a turbulent period. During 1950-1960, Romika were integral to the German Economic Boom and “Made in Germany” became synonymous with Quality.

By the end of 1960,  the Romika factories were expanding and they employed over 2,500 people. The success of the brand continued into the 1980's. Mr Lemm died in 1988 and his family retired from business. The Josef Siebel group took over the business in 2005.

The slogan “The European Comfort Shoe” is a result of 75% of production remaining in Europe.


The European Comfort Shoe

Romika shoes are all-season footwear, from sturdy yet comfortable boots to stylish sandals. The winter boots are warm, weather-resistant and grip well in icy conditions. Our Sandals are comfortable & casual - perfect beach and summer footwear.

Their market leading technology includes their PU soles - made without glue for a watertight seal they are also more durable and flexible. They developed Dry Tex Lining for moisture wicking breathable uppers. Many boots from Romika Shoes are machine washable and can be dried on radiators - something not many brands can achieve.




A Selection of Spring/Summer 2020 Styles