Sancho Abarca Boots

Shoes International are delighted to be able to offer an excellent range of the Sancho Abarca boots once again! These boots are made in Valverde del Camino, a small shoe making town near Seville.

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Sancho Abarca has managed to unify the latest technologies matching with about 80 completely handmade process to obtain a first quality product that bring the factory to obtain the Quality Certification according to standard UNE ISO9001.

Sancho Abarca Footwear

The reputation of Sancho Abarca Boots is renowned for the quality of workmanship and fit and this has eventually meant the opening of markets abroad; today the product can be found throughout Europe and from Russia to Japan and beyond!

Sancho Abarca and its employees are considered such as a big family where everyone is personally involved in getting the best product, perhaps therein lies the secret of the success of Sancho Abarca Boots.

History of Sancho Abarca

In Spain, it has been a tradition for a long time to produce shoes. In 1947 a group of unemployed workers from different bankrupt footwear companies is Almansa, Spain took the decision to save the town's industry. The whole livelihood of Almansa depended on these factories as the town was suffering great hardship. A few shoe craft men collectively formed a manufacturing cooperative and this was the start of Sancho Abarca Footwear.  Their efforts and hardwork saved the town of Almansa and footwear manufacture still remains a vital part of its economy today.

Sancho II, nicknamed "Abarca" was King of Pamplona.  The King supplied his soldiers with soft shoes called "abarcas" to move faster than the enemy.  This strategy helped lead his army to victory in several battles at the end of Xth century.  The Sancho Abarca Brand went from strength to strength and quickly became the most important footwear corporation in Spain. 



back to the roots

These are your Sancho Abarca Boots.

These boots are not only made for walking.

These boots are made for travelling the world.

These boots are made for living your dreams.

These boots are forever.

Love them, live them."


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