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Scholl's History

The Scholl shoes company began in Chicago 1899. William M Scholl invented the Foot-Eazer in 1904 shortly after qualifying as a Doctor.

This arch support was designed to support the instep and relieve any discomfort in this area of the foot. Thus began the start of the Scholl success story. The Dr Scholl philosophy was "The feet provide the foundation for the rest of the body."

Scholl Womens Sandals

In the 1920’s he moved into footwear design and developed the Scholl shoes range which were manufactured on lasts that covered the various shapes of the human foot. Scholl shoes became increasingly famous in 1959. The Scholl Exercise sandal was launched and became a fashion comfort icon during the 60’s and 70’s.

In the beginning the therapeutic benefit of the Scholl Womens Sandals gained many wearers, however its popularity soared when leading personalities in the fashion and music world started wearing them.

Today, the Scholl sandal still has its following, which combined with technological advancements in their shoe design makes the future look bright for Scholl shoes.


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