Sebago Shoes

Sebago started out in 1946 - then known as 'Sebago-Moc' - and the first shoe they made was a hand-sewn penny loafer. This shoe used the then popular Indian moccasin style.

The company quickly gained in sales on the American market making shoes for other brands through the 1940s and 50s, becoming a true international brand during the 1960s. Production surpassed 1,000,000 pairs as early as 1954.

During the 1970's Sebago Shoes developed their now famous own branded Docksides®. Sebago strengthened their links with the sailing scene with key sponsorships and continued product development. They also became a favoured brand across university campuses everywhere all over the states.

In the 80s and 90s they began their successful association with US sailing, first sponsoring the O-star race and later becoming the official supplier of yachting footwear to the US sailing team.

Sebago Today

Sebago shoes are now sold in 85 countries world wide. The brand continues to build on its Marine heritage whilst also offering a wide range of stylish casual footwear.

Sebago footwear still delivers genuine handcrafted performance today and is a brand rich in heritage, that celebrates nautical lifestyle and performance.

The Duchess of Cambridge has even been seen wearing a pair - so you're in good company fashion-wise with a pair of these shoes!

More recently, Sebago have sponsored the Lifetime Achievement award for Yachts and Yachting Magazine.

Made in Maine USA

Among some of the finest footwear we sell at Shoes International is Sebago Shoes new Made in Maine, USA range.

A return to their origins in Maine, USA, these loafers are spectacular examples of hand-crafted footwear. Highly specified leathers and hand stitched uppers they are truly a tribute to the tradition they represent. The quality of this range is extremely good - it does them proud!

Free Delivery

We offer Free UK delivery on all our Sebago range, so take a look at our range of stunning Men's and Women's Sebago footwear and grab yourself a bargain on some quality shoes!



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