Comfort as nature intended.Since 1980 Strive have been caring for feet through the manufacture of hand crafted custom orthotics in their own British laboratory.Today they are Europe's largest custom orthotics supplier and work with thousands of healthcare practitioners daily.Strive feel good footwear has been carefully developed to give you healthy goodness with every step you take.
Your feet aren't 2-dimensional, so why wear footwear with a flat footbed? Utilising our extensive knowledge and experience, all Strive footwear incorporates our podiatrist designed 'Biomechanical Footbed Technology', which re-designs a classic flat footbed to the natural 3-dimensional contours of your feet.

Comfort as nature intended - By this we mean comfort that is not artificially created with excessive cushioning. Instead, created through supporting your feet in the very position they are designed to be held in.

Helps improve posture and reduce harmful stresses - Mapping the unique contours of your feet, our orthotic footbed technology may help to improve posture and reduce harmful stresses placed upon your feet and body - a contributing factor associated with many common aches and pains:

Strive Footwear can help with:
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Ball of foot pain
-Heel pain
-Knee pain
-Lower back pain
All Strive footwear is designed in London and is made from the finest materials.  Each luxurious supple upper is hand crafted using premium natural leather sourced from around the globe, ensuring Strive footwear is soft to touch, breathable and durable.Strive have spent over 40 years learning all there is to know about feet.  Giving you peace of mind that your feet are in good hands whenever you slip into a pair of Strive footwear.
All our sandals and slippers are generous in size.
All our boots, shoes and active footwear are true to size.

The unique contours of our Biomechanical Footbed TechnologyTM work to support your feet in their natural position so it may feel 'different'.

We recommend wearing the footwear for one hour on the first day, two hours on the second day and three hours on the third day for a smooth wearing in process.

A Selection of our Strive Footwear