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To existing fans of the Tilley brand, the company needs no introduction. The story of how Alex Tilley conceived and then manufactured the first Tilley hat is an inspiration to us all.

Tilley hats are outdoor hats you wont want to be without once you have been initiated. Ventilated by British brass grommets, the hats are water repellent and block 98% of UV rays.

They are now available in a variety of materials including the original pre-shrunk cotton duck.

Tilley hats are insured against loss for two years - 50% deductible - Tilley will meet you half way. They also have a lifetime guarantee if the hat ever wears out, shrinks or mildews

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History of the Tilley Hat

As a keen yachtsman , Alex Tilley became fed up with the quality of sailing hats. They kept sinking in water, shrinking when wet and blowing away. For these reasons Alex Tilley began designing the 'perfect hat', one that would be highly practical and classic in its design. After some experimentation and fine tuning, he had created his hat - the first Tilley hat!

Soon after other sailors began admiring his hat and requesting one for themselves, and thus his new business venture was born. Tilly is now a brand recognised worldwide and has always managed to maintain a reputation for always delivering on quality and forever attempting to improve their product range, experimenting with new materials and branching out into other areas of sailing attire including shorts and vests.


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