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'A passion for shoe expertise'

After 60 years of existence, this brand can look back on a relatively recent but highly successful expansion. Thanks to the successful combination of fashion and comfort, together with an excellent price/performance ratio, Waldläufer has been among the best-selling, top brands in the comfort shoe sector for many seasons.

Waldläufer and Shoes International

Since we introduced Waldläufer shoes to customers in our retail shop we have found them to be firm favourites. Customers just keep coming back for the comfort and fit.  Waldläufer provide one of the widest ranges of sizes and fittings from all the manufacturers we offer - a truely remarkable range from a remarkable manufacturer.


When Günter Bauer founded the company in 1960, he did not anticipate what a potential the comfort shoe sector would offer one day. His love of nature inspired the keen hunter to name the brand "Waldläufer", meaning "to walk in the forest". A clever move which pays off as much today as in the past. Ultimately, the German brand name alone gives the impression that walking with Waldläufer shoes is like walking on the soft, natural ground of the forest.

In 1986, when the founder’s son, Willehad Bauer, took over the reins, the course was set for the expansion of the Waldläufer brand. In addition to outsourcing abroad, the visionary entrepreneur attended to developing the field of exports. Today, Waldläufer can be found all over Europe, as well as in the USA, Canada, China, Australia, Israel and Kuwait. Millions of women appreciate the extraordinary comfort of our shoes which are available in widths G, H, K and M. The narrow heels and removable footbed are among the brand’s most important quality features. Furthermore, the particularly soft materials, flexible soles and excellent finishing guarantee the best available walking comfort.

The Company Today

At present, 6000 pairs of shoes are produced every day. For Willehad Bauer, however, this is no reason to sit back – quite the opposite. "Our goal is to strengthen our position in the highly competitive comfort shoe market even further. Waldläufer has the potential to become the most successful brand in this sector," says a confident Bauer.


Wauldlaufer use the following fittings

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